Friday, April 23, 2010

HP Mini 210 Pink Netbook Passed to FCC

HP isn't new to support few of designers perspective machines but this new model seems to get a feminine style or probably designed to complement what women in mind mostly. It's because a new HP Mini 210 Pink netbook appeared in FCC recently, a good indication for a new 10.1-inches model to arrive in stores soon. This will come in a plaid design as spotted by Netbooked.

In terms of specs, this will not differ in terms of devices and features we have heard with HP Mini 210 overall design but just a designer perspective to put a feminine style in the concept of a machine. We've got a lot of perceptions in the previous model but right now, we are now familiar with the company objective, to bring more out of the basic things we know about them.

Here's a photo of HP 210 model that appears in FCC, as you see, the keyboard is quite similar but a pink color is pretty spectacular than the usual along with its plaid type touch pad which has been patterned from its internal theme.

HP Mini 210 Pink Netbook



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