Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Samsung Corby N150 Netbook, Showcased in Europe

Samsung launched Corby N150 netbook which is spotted first by Netbook Italia, a new colorful machines which can complements the style of mobile phone Corby lovers. It comes in a different variety of colors and still a Samsung N150 model but has been modified to be look more good and join the list of fashionable products in Europe. The lid and case sides posses a pink, yellow, and a blue accents of colors but the bottom was still on its original white color.

Samsung Corby N150 Netbook

It is pretty similar to Sony's colorful models which recently showed-up and its original supporting platform and devices could still be found within.

Samsung Corby N150 just like with the original netbook model we heard from different reports, it is powered by Intel Atom N450 CPU at 1.66GHz with a 1GB memory, 250GB of hard disk drive, and in a 10.1-inches 1024 x 600-pixels display. This will come loaded with Windows 7 Starter Edition and packed with a 6-cell battery.


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