Friday, March 12, 2010

SaberTooth ZT Turbo ZIF 1.8-Inch SSD Announced

Active Media brought out their new SaberTooth ZT Turbo ZIF solid-state drive, a 1.8-inches device which is according to source, this could even fit to an MP3 player. We recently heard this company to produce a 2.5-inches model but this new version seems to be the smallest SSD we can get from them. It is just 5-millimeter thick and designed with a 40-pin ZIF interface. This will come in either 32GB or 60GB sizes which can read and write for about 100MB and 85MB per seconds respectively.

SaberTooth ZT Turbo ZIF SSD

SaberTooth ZT Turbo ZIF SSD is also designed to support Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It is also equipped with an additional tool to handle data errors. No words for pricing or availability date announced for now but I think this will just start to arrive soon cause SSD demands is now increasing for computers.


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