Sunday, March 28, 2010

BIOS Update for Lenovo S10-3t, Steps Unveiled

A new update for Lenovo ThinkPad S10-3t has been unveiled recently by Netbooks Philippines. One of my colleague recently inform me about this new available technique on how to make a relevant modification inside of the said netbook model to bring more out of its simplest and original configuration. Later I found out that some of S10-3t BIOS properties has been locked, like accessing its PCI-e but behind of what we know, it is totally free but Lenovo might prepare this thing for future additional enhancement.

Lenovo ThinkPad S10-3t BIOS Update

Netbooks Philippines community forums provide a simple but quite difficult step to follow without reading a comprehensive manual of your ThinkPad S10-3t manual first. For you to learn more about it, you can take the risk but try to think the warranty of your machine. Once you start following that complete guide, try to think about the risk it could bring to your computer. See the following web address below for more:



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