Friday, February 19, 2010

Ubuntu Netbook Edition Debuted to ARM-Based Smartbooks

We recently heard Ubuntu Netbook Edition modification to joined the list of available netbooks with Intel Atom processors because somehow, there are consumers preferred to get a free operating rather than to get their device pre-loaded with a commercial software. Netbooked.Net spotted a new implementation of Ubuntu Netbook Edition, because of its support for ARM processors, it is now easy to port this OS in smartbooks.

Smartbooks Ubunto Netbook Edition

Although there are some compatibility issues, this brave idea might change the way we look for its platform soon. OS News brought out this capability but somehow, there are some little shortcomings for Linux-based operating system to support 3D features and some other driver requirements. According to source, they need to get this for the meantime because I think, this will become a new challenge for everyone behind of this soon.


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