Sunday, February 21, 2010

AMD Turion Neo X2 and Intel Pentium SU4100 Compared

Laptop Mag make a detailed comparison of AMD Turion Neo X2 and Intel Pentium SU4100 processors with two Toshiba T135-S1310 15-inches laptop. It is pretty good and interesting to hear this news from the folks of the said site cause somehow, people or consumers can start to realize what are the things they need to consider first before going to store and pick up one of their chosen computer models. These two processors are all supported with two different graphics accelerator, the GMA 4500HD and ATi Radeon HD 3200 respective graphics but with the same 4GB of RAM.

AMD vs Intel Processor Test

Somehow, I think it is hard to make a comparison for CPU's cause there are some point manufacturer starts to recombine those devices within their computer, just like an Intel chipset with an AMD processor, right? But Laptop Mag still managed to do it in the same individual computer and I really salute for those folks for job well done.

On their test, they have a detailed information that will show how these two individual computers can stand with some series given task. According to source, a machine with Intel processor take an extra 2-more hours from the AMD-powered one. But in terms of graphics performance, AMD deliver a more better performance just like what we have heard from those PC gamers before and make an advance scores from Intel in other speed test.

Furthermore, although they are both good in terms of web surfing and in multimedia support, according to Liliputing, if you're looking for a workstation good for video editing task, it is better to choose for an AMD-version and if for all-day long computing requirements, Intel is one of their bets because it is primarily designed with a low-power consumption to support its performance regardless of price.



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