Tuesday, February 23, 2010

10-Inch Samsung N210 Intel Atom Netbook Reviewed

NetbookReviews.Net make a detailed review of Samsung N210, a new 10.1-inches from the four new Samsung unveiled netbooks last January with Intel Atom N450 processor. Although there's nothing to expect too much with its performance because according to review, it is pretty similar to those other machines that sports a Pine Trail processor but the battery life is quite tough just like what Samsung promised. It has a much longer operating hour compared to N150 or with NB30 models and slightly similar to N220.

Samsung N210 Review

Furthermore, compared to some other netbooks which already gain tech enthusiast hands-on review, Samsung N210 doesn't really differ in terms of performance with those machines packed with similar devices but other than its impressive battery, its chiclet-type keyboard catches really catches the attention of the reviewer, a well-sized key with a slightly wide spaces from each other to optimized typist fingertips from slipping. Check the following web address below for more on Netbook Reviews for a full details.

Location: http://tinyurl.com/Samsung-N210-Review


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