Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gigabyte TouchNote T1000 Convertible Tablet PC

A European-based website Netbook News recently brought out a new upcoming Gigabyte model convertible tablet PC, the TouchNote T1000. I heard some of this model from different brands but this is my first time to hear Gigabyte to produced an Atom N450 or N470 (processor option) powered machine. The company seems pulled-out this product from their website as I check it recently.

Gigabyte TouchNote T1000 Convertible Tablet

Here's the list of specs you can get for TouchNote T1000 tablet listed by
  • Processor: Intel Atom N450 or N70 (1.66GHz or 1.83GHz respectively)
  • Display: 10.1-inches (supports 1366 x 768-pixels resolution)
  • Memory: 1GB
  • Graphics: Intel GMA 3150 GPU
  • Operating System: Windows 7 Starter Edition
  • Hard Drive: 250GB
  • Connectivity: Gigabit LAN, Bluetooth 2.1 and 802.11b/g/n wireless
In addition, it is also equipped with 1.3-megapixels built-in webcam, 2-USB ports, VGA output, and eSATA port. No official statement or release date for this model yet but try to expect more updates later after this break.


Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Toshiba Mini NB305 10-Inch Netbook Hands-on Review

Slash Gear unleashed their new Toshiba Mini NB305 full-detailed review next from Engadget overview before which does a Pine Trail thing. Since the company starts to deliver their four-latest netbooks which sports an Intel Atom N450 processor, I can't forget its first appearances in European stores and right now, folks can now starts to grab those models anywhere around, via online or in some Toshiba's recognized stores. I just recently saw one of its brother from one of our local market.

New Toshiba Mini NB305 Review

According to review, Toshiba NB305-N410B posses an impressive external look which I think can actually expect from most of the company's produced models. Got a distinctive style from its textured Royal Blue theme and a reasonable netbook which can complements in some folks fashionable taste. For specs recap, check the following list for more:
  • Processor: Intel Atom N450 at 1.66GHz
  • Memory: 1GB
  • Hard Drive: 250GB (5400rpm)
  • Graphics: GMA 3150
  • Screen: 10.1-inches (supports a native 1024 x 600-pixels resolution)
  • Connectivity: 802.11b/g/n, 3-USB ports
  • Weight: 2.60-pounds
  • Dimension: 10.47 x 7.57 x 1.43-inches
You can read a detailed review and benchmarked specs on the following web address below:


JooJoo Internet Tablet Availability Starts to Get Live

JooJoo Internet tablet from Fusion Garage availability start to spark with a new press release for this gadget with 12.1-inches capacitive touch-screen display. According to report from Slash Gear, shipment will start on March 25 which is already on its another month delayed. I think this is a good reason for us to celebrate soon cause the company seems to make a new promises which could not be hold-on again from their last month anticipated schedule.

JooJoo Internet Tablet Availability

According to source, there are some unwanted problems with JooJoo manufacturing issues but the company will be giving free accessories for this Internet tablet for pre-order consumers to handle this later. Furthermore, they also apologize for a short-time delay.

New LG T280 Notebook Debuted to FCC

We recently heard LG T280 from Korea, a new 11.6-inches notebook which is powered by ultra-low voltage Intel processors and right now, it is debuted to FCC as spotted by Wireless Goodness. It is great to hear this story cause I think, people can now start to wait for its arrival in company's recognized stores soon. According to report, submitted documents unveils a two-access panels on the back portion of T280 for mini PCI-e slots. And also a button-less track pad for three fingered gestures just like what's in some HP mini styles.

New LG T280 Notebook

Here's a list of specs consumers can expect later for this new LG notebook model:
  • Processor: Intel Pentium SU4100/Core 2 Duo SU7300
  • Graphics: GMA 4500MHD (supports 1366 x 768-pixels resolution)
  • Memory: 2GB
  • Hard Drive: 500GB
  • Wireless: 802.11b/g/n
  • Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium
  • Battery: 6-cell Lithium Ion
  • Weight: 3.1-pounds only
No Bluetooth was mentioned and exact released date but try to catch more of LG T280 soon.

New Medion Akoya E1222 10-Inch Netbook

Akoya E1222 is the latest 10-inches netbook produced by Medion for European users as spotted by which sports a 1.66GHz Intel Atom N450 processor. Just like with the company's competitors newly released Pine Trail powered machines, it is also equipped with 2GB of memory and a 250GB of hard disk drive. In terms of connectivity, it has a typical 802.11b/g/n wireless and Bluetooth 2.1 plus a 1.3-megapixels built-in webcam which I think is much more better than in some of Samsung 0.3-mp netbooks.

Medion Akoya E1222 10-Inch Netbook

Medion Akoya E1222 comes with a glossy finish and supports a native 1024 x 600-pixels resolution. It is pre-loaded with Windows 7 Starter Edition and will start to arrive in German stores for 299-euros by March. I hope this will start to appear also in other regions soon although no words for other country's availability except for those info comes from source.

Farmville Tips, Tricks and Top Secrets Unveiled

Farmville is get's nearly 80-million users worldwide according to Plugged In, a Yahoo News site which recently unveiled the game top secrets, tips and tricks. My wife has been a great fan of this online game when I recently sat down with her while playing when new idea started to enter my mind, to look for the best tips I can get with this game to help with her getting more wide farm. Thanks for those folks who shared these tricky and idealistic techniques for I am now headed to be one of this game player.

Farmville Top Tips and Tricks

These Farmville tips starts from a very easy steps for new users on how they can manage to start their farm, what kind of crops needed for them to earn more profit from a very low-cost seeds. There are some mathematical formula shared for it is needed to gain more for less by considering the number of hours before harvest and the price of harvested crops.

Advance strategy is also covered with this secrets, how users can get an extra experience to unlock some more better seeds. Try to check the rest of these tricks on the following web address below and be called a Farmville Guru soon. I think cheats are not needed anymore, just play and get a much better farming experience with it.


Modified HP Mini 311 Added with Extra Antenna

Try to check HP's Mini 311 photo below, a regular machine with an extra antenna which has been modded by its owner to catch a much better wireless connectivity even three-blocks away from its location. This story was spotted by Netbooked from one of HP's community site showing handful of photos of modified version of Mini 311. I just think how this person manage to add an extra device just to make it more better by taking some risk.

HP Mini 311 External Antenna

According to source, this external antenna has been modded in a very easy way and he's now receiving 54Mbps of wireless but in unusual connectivity length. See the following web address below for more:


Unleashed Asus Eee PC T101MT Review and Hands-on

Asus Eee PC T101MT has been brought out with a hands-on tutorial video but this story seems become an awkward thing to happen when anyone on the Net get a chance to handle it physically. It is recently spotted in Amazon Germany but nobody knows about its availability in other regions although there is a previous report that it is also headed into France before.

Asus Eee PC T101MT Review and Hands-on

This 10-inches convertible tablet PC arrive to All Touch Tablet and there is an available video from those folks showing some of its basic features and appearances. Try to catch it after this cut but here's a recap for Eee PC T101MT specs:
  • Processor: Intel Atom N450 at 1.66GHz
  • Memory: 2GB
  • Hard Drive: 320GB
  • Connectivity: 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • OS: Windows 7 Home Premium
I just hope to get a piece of a convertible PC since then but as I watch this presentation, I recently realized that it is better to read a more detailed review rather than watching this for a much better reference. Here's an unboxing video and little preview of this machine:

New Shuttle XS35 Nettop with Atom D510 CPU

Shuttle recently unveiled their latest nettop, the XS35 powered by a dual-core Intel Atom D510 processor and a new NVidia ION 2-based graphics technology, the GeForce GT218. It is pretty slim just like an optical drive it has for a regular computer system but packed with NM10 Express chipset and will come to stores on the second quarter of this year according to Slash Gear.

Shuttle XS35 Nettop

Shuttle XS35 is also equipped with HDMI and VGA output, 2.5-inches SATA drive, and five USB ports. There are new nettop models which start to popped-up in stores as early as last month but this might be the first model to arrive with a new graphics technology from NVidia.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Teclast X8 10-Inch Netbook Spotted in China

There are recent reports of newly released netbook computers from China which recently popped-up in stores just like a mushroom but Teclast X8 spotted by Zol is pretty familiar for anyone who already heard its manufacturer. It is a China-based manufacturer who recently brought out their 10.1-inches wide netbook with Intel Atom N270 processor at 1.6GHz and have been shown out before in Computex according to Liliputing.

Teclast X8 10-Inch Netbook

Teclast X8 is designed to run either Windows XP or 7 OS's sporting a 1GB of memory, native 1024 x 600-pixels screen resolution, and a 160GB of storage drive. It is pretty remarkable because of its curve chassis with a razon-thin button (left and right side) besides of its track-pad and just weighing 2.3-pounds only. According to source, it is currently available for 2,499 yuan in China or about $366 in USD.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Windows Activation Technologies Update is Now Available for Download

This afternoon as I shutdown my office computer loaded with Windows 7 Home Premium operating system, I used to wait for a very little moment because new updates was automatically installed. I have no idea for those newly installed fix but as I visit Engadget this evening, I just saw what's with those new files added or changed to my computer. It was a Windows Activation Technologies which detects those problems in regards with possible exploitation of its original key.

Windows Activation Technologies Update

If you're using one of this Windows version, don't hesitate to get an update for your OS today or just leave it to work by itself, just left it connected to your network Internet source. It is good to hear this update from Microsoft for their support.

Upcoming Viliv S10 Blade Tablet Pre-Order is Now Available

Viliv S10 is a new 10-inches convertible tablet which is currently available at Dynamism for pre-order. It's another touchscreen-enabled machine with Intel Atom Z530 processor at 1.6GHz clock speed, packed with 1GB of memory, 1366 x 768-pixels resolution support, a 60GB of hard drive, and pre-loaded with Windows 7 Home Premium. It is also available with 2GHz Intel Atom Z550 which is more snappier compared to the other model with a 32GB up to 64GB of SSD. An optional 3G HSPA modem is also available.

Viliv S10 Blade Tablet

According to Liliputing, the price is more higher compared to some other convertible tablet with Pine Trail processors which is currently available for $699. With this, users can start to use it in either netbook or in tablet mode because of its swivel display.

New MSI Wind Top AE2420 All-in-One 24-Inch PC

MSI recently unveiled their new upcoming Wind Top AE2420 along with AE2280 which will sports Intel's new stunning processor in CeBIT 2010. This new models will come in either 24 and 22-inches wide respective models. These will also sports an Intel's stunning processors, the Core i3 and i5 as well as Core i7 chips which is optimized for 3D performances.

MSI Wind Top AE2420

A press release on Slash Gear confirmed these two upcoming computers which will find their way to CeBit and there is no official release date stated on that report but hopefully it will start to arrive soon. You can read more on the following web address below:


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Habey BIS-6620 with Intel Atom Z510 Fanless PC

Habey is a US-based company which recently unveiled their ultra-compacted PC or HTPC, according to Slash Gear. A Habey BIS-6620 with a body dimension of 4.5 x 4.5 x 1.5-inches only. And pretty more bigger in some of newly released nettops but under the hood is an Intel Atom Z510 processor and featured a full high-definition video playback support. Inside is Intel US15W chipset with GMA 500 GPU, packed with 2GB DDR2 memory, and in terms of storage, it has a 1.8-inches hard drive as well a solid-state drive connectivity.

Habey BIS-6620 HTPC

In addition, it has a hot swapable SATA II and 4-USB ports, DVI and S-Video output (optional model), and consumers can choose from the list of available operating system option to be enclose with the entire package.

DigitalRise X9 7-Inch Tablet with Windows OS is Now Available

DigitalRise X9 is a new 10.2-inches Windows 7 powered tablet with 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 processor and a 3G-enabled slate which is more higher in price than iPad. It is currently available at China Grabber as spotted by Liliputing for $800. It is also equipped with a built-in Windows GPS, a typical Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, built-in webcam, and packed with 160GB SATA hard drive.

DigitalRise X9 Tablet PC

Furthermore, DigitalRise X9 is packed with 2GB of memory, Intel GMA 950 graphics, 10.2-inches with 1024 x 600-pixels resolution display, 3-USB ports and VGA outputs, card reader, and runs on the top of 945GS chipset. In addition, it is also equipped with 2,800mAh or for 3,500mAh battery option which can last for up to 4-hours.

FSL F718 MID with Windows XP Operating System

There are recent brands of MID's which started to appear in tech reports straight from China but this new 7-inches FSL F718 spotted by Cloned in China sports a Windows XP operating system. It is currently available for 3,990-yuan or about $586 in U.S. The price is pretty high for this device, right? With this tag, you can now start to own a more powerful netbook computer with a 3G connectivity.

FSL F718 7-Inch MID

FSL F718 is equipped with VIA C7 processor at 1.2GHz clock speed, a 1GB of DDR2 memory, 32GB of solid-state drive, wireless and 3G connectivity, built-in 1.3-megapixels cam, and supports a typical 800 x 600-pixels resolution. Furthermore, it is also equipped with a handwriting recognition and measured 19.5 x 12.7 x 2.1-centimeters body dimension and weighing 700-grams only.

LG X140 Intel Atom N450 Powered Netbook Spotted

LG X140 recently spotted by Slash Gear from Wayerless before it arrives in stores. Just like with the other netbook models, it is also powered by 1.66GHz Intel Atom N450 processor with a 1GB of memory and 160GB of hard drive. It has an 802.11b/g/n wireless and Bluetooth connectivity devices. It is also equipped with 1.3-megapixels built-in webcam and a SIM card slot which other brands doesn't have.

LG X140 10-Inch Netbook

Furthermore, its 10.1-inches wide display supports a native 1024 x 600-pixels resolution and pre-loaded with Windows 7 Starter Edition operating system. There is no official statement or word of pricing for LG X140 but you can check handful of photos of this netbook in Wayerless for more.


10-Inch Samsung N210 Intel Atom Netbook Reviewed

NetbookReviews.Net make a detailed review of Samsung N210, a new 10.1-inches from the four new Samsung unveiled netbooks last January with Intel Atom N450 processor. Although there's nothing to expect too much with its performance because according to review, it is pretty similar to those other machines that sports a Pine Trail processor but the battery life is quite tough just like what Samsung promised. It has a much longer operating hour compared to N150 or with NB30 models and slightly similar to N220.

Samsung N210 Review

Furthermore, compared to some other netbooks which already gain tech enthusiast hands-on review, Samsung N210 doesn't really differ in terms of performance with those machines packed with similar devices but other than its impressive battery, its chiclet-type keyboard catches really catches the attention of the reviewer, a well-sized key with a slightly wide spaces from each other to optimized typist fingertips from slipping. Check the following web address below for more on Netbook Reviews for a full details.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Lenovo IdeaPad Y460 14-Inch Notebook Dissected

Lenovo IdeaPad Y450 was recently debuted to Chinese market and gain a lot of success since January, according to Cloned in China. And now, a new successor joined his big brother, the Lenovo IdeaPad Y460 which is according to source, it was designed for students and educational industry for gaming which sports a 14-inches wide notebook which supports a native 1366 x 768-pixels resolution in LED backlit display.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y460

IdeaPad Y460 is equipped with Intel Core 330M CPU at 2.13GHz supported with ATi Mobility Radeon HD 5660 graphics, with a 320GB of hard disk drive, and 2GB of DDR3 memory but no words for operating system yet.

According to source, this will arrive in Chinese store after a winter seven-days student's holiday in China to meet a back to school sales and there is no available details for pricing for now. But behind of these report, another China-based website brought out a dissected parts of IdeaPad Y460 from the people who claimed working from Lenovo and brought out a detailed specification.

Pioneer DreamBook Lite U11a Pinetrail Powered Netbook

Netbooked.Net spotted for another Pioneer Computers Australia new upcoming ultra-thin and light netbook powered by 1.66GHz Intel Atom N450 (Pinetrail) processor. It is also rumored to be packed with NVidia ION 2 graphics other than a typical GMA 3150 graphics and for another discrete option, the N11x. It has an 11.6-inches wide LCD screen that supports a native 1366 x 768-pixels resolution, with a memory of 2GB, and in terms of connectivity, it is equipped with VGA and HDMI output, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, and a 3G module.

Pioneer DreamBook Lite U11a

Furthermore, there is no words for DreamBook Lite U11a pricing and these small details just came across from the company's website. This will come in either red or black color only and there is no official statement yet to confirmed its availability later.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

GeForce GT218 Graphics is NVidia ION 2?

We recently heard NVidia ION 2 from Acer Aspire One 532g netbook but there is no official statement from NVidia that confirmed those leaked details. The World Mobile Congress in Spain brought out the silence, a GeForce GT218 unveiled which has been paired to Intel and other processors for a more better graphics performance, according to Liliputing. Just like what they did with Intel Atom and GMA graphics to optimized machine performance to deliver a high-definition display settings.

GeForce GT218 Graphics

Furthermore, ION 2 has been based on NVidia's Optimus technology for automatic switching of integrated and dedicated graphics which depends on computer task. For it is designed to deliver a multimedia high-performance feature for every machine supported by this technology. We are waiting for an official statement to confirmed its availability in those new and upcoming netbooks and other form of computer soon.

Here's a video from Netbook News showing an Acer Aspire One 532g which is rumored to be powered by ION 2 graphics:

AMD Turion Neo X2 and Intel Pentium SU4100 Compared

Laptop Mag make a detailed comparison of AMD Turion Neo X2 and Intel Pentium SU4100 processors with two Toshiba T135-S1310 15-inches laptop. It is pretty good and interesting to hear this news from the folks of the said site cause somehow, people or consumers can start to realize what are the things they need to consider first before going to store and pick up one of their chosen computer models. These two processors are all supported with two different graphics accelerator, the GMA 4500HD and ATi Radeon HD 3200 respective graphics but with the same 4GB of RAM.

AMD vs Intel Processor Test

Somehow, I think it is hard to make a comparison for CPU's cause there are some point manufacturer starts to recombine those devices within their computer, just like an Intel chipset with an AMD processor, right? But Laptop Mag still managed to do it in the same individual computer and I really salute for those folks for job well done.

On their test, they have a detailed information that will show how these two individual computers can stand with some series given task. According to source, a machine with Intel processor take an extra 2-more hours from the AMD-powered one. But in terms of graphics performance, AMD deliver a more better performance just like what we have heard from those PC gamers before and make an advance scores from Intel in other speed test.

Furthermore, although they are both good in terms of web surfing and in multimedia support, according to Liliputing, if you're looking for a workstation good for video editing task, it is better to choose for an AMD-version and if for all-day long computing requirements, Intel is one of their bets because it is primarily designed with a low-power consumption to support its performance regardless of price.


Lenovo W700DS Dual-Screen Laptop Unveiled

Lenovo seems to join one of Onkyo's model of laptop as CNet unveiled their upcoming ThinkPad W700DS, a machine with dual-screen design. There is no official statement or upcoming release date but according to report, this computer is equipped with one 17-inches wide monitor with a secondary 10.6-inches which is also equipped with Wacom digitizer on the right side of its touch pad.

Lenovo W700DS Dual-Screen Laptop

Although it is not an official statement from its manufacturer, ThinkPads.Com seems the first to get a leaked details from Lenovo's presentation. No words for W700DS processor yet but according to source, this will be packed with 16GB DDR3 memory, its dual-screen will be powered by NVidia Quadro FX 3800M graphics, and a color-calibration apps (built-in). More updates to come after this break for Lenovo's W-series soon.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Aliens vs Predator Radeon XFX HD Graphics Bundle

Aliens vs Predator is now joining some of Radeon XFX graphics model together with Dirt 2 and Batman: Arkham Asylum games, according to Hot Hardware. DX11 has been officially announced by XFX for this exclusive bundle with Radeon XFX HD 5870, 5850, and 5770 models. But this will come with a new set of pricing option for consumers.

Aliens vs Predator XFX Bundle

Furthermore, this games will be bundled with a download coupon as well as its product key which can be obtained in Steam website. This graphics bundle may add more enjoyable experience on the part of computer gamers because somehow, the XFX manufacturer will start to add and ATi Eyefinity Technology together with DirectX 11. You can read the entire report on following web address below:


Friday, February 19, 2010

iiView vPad 10-Inch Intel Atom N270 Tablet

iiView vPad is a new tablet that runs Windows 7 Starter Edition sporting an Intel Atom N270 processor playing a netbook capability and weighing less than 2-pounds. For the first time I heard it from Liliputing, I came to imagine a keyboard-less netbook computer because of its internal devices. It runs on the top of 1.6GHz Atom CPU with a 1GB memory and packed with a 160GB of hard disk drive.

iiView vPad Tablet

vPad size is quite similar to some common netbooks, with a 10.2-inches wide display that supports a 1024 x 600-pixels resolution and currently sells for $499 only. Although it is quite more expensive for a netbook, its touch-screen capability brought another type of experience not available for some netbooks.

Furthermore, you can also get it packed with 2GB of RAM and 320GB of hard drive added with 3G connectivity for $699 and consumers other set of configuration is also available.


Ubuntu Netbook Edition Debuted to ARM-Based Smartbooks

We recently heard Ubuntu Netbook Edition modification to joined the list of available netbooks with Intel Atom processors because somehow, there are consumers preferred to get a free operating rather than to get their device pre-loaded with a commercial software. Netbooked.Net spotted a new implementation of Ubuntu Netbook Edition, because of its support for ARM processors, it is now easy to port this OS in smartbooks.

Smartbooks Ubunto Netbook Edition

Although there are some compatibility issues, this brave idea might change the way we look for its platform soon. OS News brought out this capability but somehow, there are some little shortcomings for Linux-based operating system to support 3D features and some other driver requirements. According to source, they need to get this for the meantime because I think, this will become a new challenge for everyone behind of this soon.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Asus UL20A-A1 12-Inch Black Laptop Unboxed

A black Asus UL20A-A1 with 1.2GHz Intel Celeron SU2300 (dual-core) processor appeared in unboxing video taken by Netbooked.Net. A silver model is currently available in Amazon.Com and probably one of a surprising laptop with a battery which can run for up to 7-hours. According to source, this might be one of the cheapest 12.1-inches model you can get for a laptop computer and also comes in black model.

Asus UL20A-A1 Black

Asus UL20A outside appearance got an impressive metal lid and a common glossy edge-to-edge body. Under the hood other than the above mentioned processor, this machine is equipped with 2GB of memory, a 320GB of hard drive, Bluetooth, Intel GMA 4500M HD graphics, and pre-loaded with 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium OS. Furthermore, it is also packed with Altec Lansing with SRS Surround speakers. See the following video below from Netbooked.Net for more:

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Moblin Linux Debuted to MSI Wind U160

Moblin Linux seems joining the list of powerful netbook (because of its small screen) as Liliputing spotted a new MSI Wind U160 sporting a Moblin operating system. Recently, we heard this OS runs on the top of U135 and developer starts to unveil their future plan but there are some who would like to extend its implementation, it is in another Intel Atom processor were this system was primarily designed.

MSI Wind U160 with Moblin Linux

According to source, it is more snappier in U160 on the top of Pine Trail platform as video from Notebook Italia spotted by Liliputing demonstrates a running prototype. See this video below for more:

Asus Eee PC T91MT 8.9-Inch Tablet Unboxed

Netbooked.Net get a chance to have a piece of Asus Eee PC T91MT convertible tablet, an 8.9-inches wide multi-touch machine. Behind the hood is an Intel Atom Z530, a 32GB of solid-state drive, and pre-loaded with a 32-bit Windows 7 Home Premium OS. The one shown by Netbooked is equipped with a TV tuner (built-in) and becomes available since last September 2009. The current price hits $485 which drops from the original $550 in Amazon.Com.

Asus Eee PC T91MT

Furthermore, it is currently available in either black or white model. The black one is not equipped with a tuner and currently available in U.S. only. Try to see this unboxing video below for Asus Eee PC T91MT tablet.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Asus Eee PC 901 with Broadcom Crystal HD Accelerator Added

We heard remarkable discoveries from different netbook models since then but adding a 3G capability to your machine is quite good for anyone who craves to get this connectivity in a matter of experimentation. Asus Eee PC 901 also get this modification to inline with the other 3G enabled device. Netbooked.Net spotted this modded model with Broadcom Crystal Accelerator added in Eee PC 901 extra mini-PCI ports onboard.

Asus Eee PC 901 with Broadcom Crystal HD Accelerator

Acer Aspire 532h provides a free mini slot for this and in Samsung NC10 needed some soldering thing before you can plug the card. Although, this technique is not new for those who already done this before in other models, PC 901 is not to late to uncover this possibility, as Eee PC enthusiast forum recently discovered.

Source: Netbooked.Net

Check this web address below for more:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Asus Eee Top ET1610PT with Intel Core D410 Processor

Asus Eee Top ET1610PT is a new upcoming all-in-one PC which will probably packed with Pinetrail processor as first spotted by Liliputing and according to report, this will be the first model which will do the thing of Intel Core D410 single-core CPU. This will probably start to appear in Italy for 400-euros according to source. It is 15.6-inches wide display with 1600 x 900-pixels resolution in a touch-screen display.

Asus Eee Top ET1610PT

In addition, it will come with Windows XP operating system rather than a Windows 7. It is also equipped with 802.11b/g/n wireless and supported with GMA 3150 graphics, just like with the other Pinetrail new netbook computers. There are no further details for this machine for now, but hopefully soon.

Asus Eee PC T101MT Get a Hands-on Tutorial Video

Asus Eee PC T101MT was given a touch-screen hands-on tutorial video before it arrives in Asus recognized retail outlets or even online. This video was officially posted by Asus on YouTube and recently spotted by Netbooked.Net. It shows a touch-screen demo and a Windows 7 Home Premium operating system gesture running on top of T101MT machine.

Asus Eee PC T101MT

There are no further details or official reports for this machine by you can check the following video below to catch those things we need know about this 10.1-inches wide machine.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Newsmy New A18HD 5-Inch with 720p PMP

Newsmey recently brought out their new 6160 e-book reader, a China-based manufacturer which bring a new 5-inches portable media player, the Newsmy A18HD which support a native 720-pixels native video support as spotted by Cloned in China. It's an upgrade for their last November model and inherits its style from its predecessor, according to source.

Newsmy A18HD PMP

It has an 800 x 480-pixels display support and fully compatible for FLV (Flash), RM, RMVB, and AVI videos. And for FLAC, WMA, and MP3 audio files. Furthermore, it is also design to met 64-bit video games and currently available in China for 699-yuan for an 8GB model and for 16GB, its all for 799-yuan.

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 with Broadcom Crystal HD Graphics Live Photos

We recently heard Dell Mini 5 tablet but right now, try to catch bunch of handful photos of Dell upcoming Inspiron Mini 10 in NewGadgets.De. This new 10-inches netbook is running on the top of Pinetrail platform with a Broadcom Crystal HD Accelarator and according to source, this will come soon and probably this month of February.

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 with Broadcom Graphics

There are no further details or pricing for this machine for now but this will start to pop-up later anytime from now just like with the other models with Intel Atom N450 processor. Try to catch it on the following web address below.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

MSI's New CX620 and CR60 15-Inch Notebooks

Recently, an official statement from MSI brought out their latest upcoming notebook models, a Classic Series with New 2010 Intel Core processors, the MSI CX420 and CR420 models. Right now, new two available models are coming on its way as reported by Hot Hardware. The MSI CX620 and CR620 15.6-inches notebook computers which will also be powered by new Intel Core processors just like with the other previous models.

MSI CX620 and CR60

According to source, consumers may look forward into this new models for gaming because of the newest low-powered GPU's that supports the possible maximum performance of these machines. It is also equipped with an ECO Engine technology which supports the upcoming notebooks battery performance to stretch its capacity if needed.

These models also equipped with ATi's Radeon HD5470 graphics to supports its typical 1366 x 768-pixels panel. It is has a chiclet type keyboard, with teasing touch-pad, and a LED backlit screen. Other specifications includes a memory expandable up to 4GB DDR3, 250GB to 500GB hard disk drive, 4-in-1 card reader, and the CX620 is pre-loaded with Windows 7 Home Premium operating system.

Furthermore, in terms of connectivity, it is also equipped with an HDMI, VGA, and a typical USB 2.0 ports other than its microphone and Ethernet ports. With a typical Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1 but prices is not yet available for now. More updates to come after this break.

Source: Hot Hardware

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

RAmos T13FHD PMP with 1080p Support Unveiled

New upcoming portable media players from China started to appear in tech reports and reviews recently but RAmos is quite common but this new model spotted first by Cloned in China from the wild may just start to pop-up later in stores like an unbranded MP3 players. RAmos T13FHD is a new model which started to appear in Chinese websites and probably appear soon in multimedia device stores.


According to source, it's full-HD PMP with a native 1080-pixels support, packed with HDMI ports (just like with the other models), and a TV output. There is no further available details for this portable gadget and pricing yet.

Photo Source: Cloned in China

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

JVC Everio GZ-HM340 with 16GB Internal Flash Storage

GZ-HM340 is a new high-definition camera added to the list of JVC Everio line-up, spotted first by Engadget from JVC's press release. Featuring a 16GB of internal Flash storage and 1.37-megapixels CMOS sensor. The price is quite reasonable, it will start to arrive in stores few weeks from now for $500 only. Everio GZ-HM340 might become one of the cheapest camcorder to arrive soon.

JVC Everio GZ-HM340
Photo Source: Engadget

It has a Konica Minolta 20x optical zoom lens, featuring an image stabilization, one-touch YouTube video uploading, and a face-detection module. Furthermore, it is also packed with SD or SDHC expansion slot. More updates to come after this break.


Alienware M11x with Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough

A press release on Slash Gear shows that Alienware M11x is officially launched since we heard some it from pre-order sale and tech reports. The following video below is a walkthrough of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 running on 11.6-inches gaming computer. It is currently available at Dell online store for $799 only, just like what the manufacturer promised for everyone, a more cheaper gaming console for PC gamers which is less than $1K.

Alienware M11x Walkthrough

With the above mentioned price, it is already powered by Intel Pentium SU4100 (dual-core) processor at 1.3GHz and supported by NVidia GeForce GT335M graphics. It has a 2GB DDR3 of memory and expandable up to 8GB, a 160GB of hard disk drive, built-in 1.3-megapixels webcam, a high-definition audio, a mobile broadband, VGA and HDMI output, a typical 802.11 b/g/n wireless, and pre-loaded with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit operating system.

Alienware M11x with Modern Warfare 2

Furthermore, it is currently available in Cosmic Black and Lunar Silver theme. The battery life is quite tough because of its ultra-low-voltage packed technology which could last for 8.5-hours. Try to check the following video demonstration of Modern Warfare 2 from DellVlog for more: