Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nintendo DS Glory of Heracles Walkthrough

Nintendo DS brought the Glory of Heracles last week, and you know what? This new game was too familiar for anyone who already had a chance to play it in their classic video game consoles before. The Glory of  Heracles actually starts at Japan way back in 1987 and seems to enter U.S. to join the list of new Nintendo DS video games with a much better and probably more advance adventures that can be experience by gamers.

Nintendo DS Glory of Heracles
Photo Source: Wired Game Life

The settings is in ancient Greece, can you still remember Hercules? A son of methodological god Zeus? And according to Wired Game Life, it is quite similar to 80's RPG and just brought out to revisit the classic adventure of your game character. You can start to experience a random battle were enemies just keep on pop-ups every now and then.

I can still remember the Ninja Saga, a Facebook application, the attack can also be done like that. According to source, the battle will start in an abandoned mine outside of the town and you can start to experience an aggressive battle with an anthem playing in background.

Within, you can have the list of option for your own combat mission, using magics and attacking options. Furthermore, this game will also give a chance for role-playing gamers to make an advancement by crafting their own game-breaking strategies in battle and will probably exploit some of characters mechanisms in the battle-field.



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