Friday, January 29, 2010

Asus Eee Pad Slate PC with NVidia Tegra 2 Confirmed

Asus recently confirmed the booming market of e-book readers but this might be the first time we hear Asus to unveiled their Eee Pad Slate PC. iPad got a public attention recently and despite of consumers reaction and different point-of-view, the company still manage to handle those negative comments from the craving folks for their tablet. And now, Asus seems to join the rest of the story and will probably get the attention of tech editors later for whatever features we can get from their Slate PC.

Asus Eee Pad Slate PC

Hot Hardware got the first report from the said manufacturer statement about their Eee Pad revealing some of its important components before it appears to public attention. According to source, this 3G-enabled device will be supported by the stunning NVidia Tegra 2 graphics and will be powered by ARM processor. This might be similar to Eee Book as what the company stated in their statement.

So for now, I think, we just need to hold our breath before craving for another slate coming to stores. There is no complete details yet and releasing date, but of course, we can wait for the official statement before anything else like what happen to iPad tablet of Apple recently. Furthermore, this might start to spark a little marketing attention between slate manufacturers later.

Photo Source: Hot Hardware


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