Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Apple Tablet PC is Getting More Closer

Since yesterday and in early of January, the long-run Apple tablet catch the eyes of tech reporters but the appearance of their company representative in television news might bring the long-rumored gadget into public tomorrow. The company started to reveal their most awaited secret but right now, we just here to keep an eye on it. I tried to do some research for iPad or iTablet but I am failed to get any official confirmation for the said report.

Rumored Apple Tablet PC
Photo Source: Slash Gear

Recently, Engadget got their first video of Apple employee appearance in TV and next to that, this gadget becomes a viral topic over the net. I hope the company will start to inform us about their next plan so we can be ready to give a much better and detailed report for their tablet. Furthermore, the official release date was still unknown, I just want to share this report to anyone who also keep an eye on Apple next and probably another stunning gadget. More updates to come after the break.


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