Thursday, January 28, 2010

Apple iPad Promotion Comes to an e-Mail News

Since last year, I am one of Apple subscriber and I keep an eye on company's current news and updates about everything within. But in my surprise this evening, as I opened my Yahoo Mail, I've got a company iPad mail from Inside Apple, the company news portal. Recently, iPad tablet becomes a viral object of the Internet because before, tech editors tried to rely on leaked details and rumors for their long-awaited and maybe a secret product to grab any useful information they could share. Just like what I am doing.

Apple iPad e-Mail

But right now, you might also got it already in your mail inbox. This is quite cool for an advertising method, right? Since CEO Steve Jobs unveils his keynote about the said tablet PC, it actually get a lot of different reactions from consumers and tech writers. Furthermore, you might need to subscribe for a daily news from Inside Apple for you to get this mail later. Of course you can also visit the company portal for an iPad preview.


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