Thursday, January 28, 2010

Alienware M11x Gaming Laptop Got a Surprising $799 Base Price

Alienware recently revealed their long-run in the making gaming laptop, but the CES 2010 could not deny the fact of the upcoming powerful machine which they called M11x is now about to appear in stores. They even have a sweepstakes promo right now were you can easily join by answering a yes or no question on the company website.

Alienware M11x Photo

Engadget got a surprising details about the price of M11x machine from micro-site source delivering the possible specs and of course the pricing of the upcoming laptop computer. It seems to appear in a very-low price of $799 only and might be the first cheapest ultra-portable gaming computer to pop-up in stores. But the company website also confirmed that the price will be below $1000. More updates to come after this break.

Photo Source: Alienware


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