Sunday, January 31, 2010

8.9-inch ExoPC Slate Tablet

iPad got the attention of craving consumer when it starts to appear in tech reports and hands-on reviews recently. Then, when Apple got their first keynote, folks started to give their different reactions and right now, there are reports started to spark from all over to criticize the new slate PC, from the manufacturers perspective to the rest of issue that becomes a viral topic on iPad from all over.

ExoPC Slate

But, behind of these, ExoPC Slate appear in tech reports showing its stunning design which is slightly similar to iPad tablet. Although, it is hard for anyone to make a comparison for the two models, those available photos from ExoPC can tell us the similarity of this ultra-portable computer to the one from Apple.

8.9-inch ExoPC Slate PC

ExoPC Slate featured an 8.9-inches multi-touch screen just like with others with a full flash video support from Windows 7 operating system and running on the top of Intel Atom N270 platform at 1.6GHz clock speed, packed with 2GB of DDR2 memory, and a 32GB of SSD drive. In addition, it is also equipped with SD expansion slot.

According to Engadget report, it will certainly more functional compared to the other. Furthermore, it has a replaceable battery which could last for 4-hours and the current price starts at $599 which actually matches to iPad's with a 32GB model price. In addition from report, it will start to appear probably this coming March 2010.


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